Case Studies

Case Studies

Decreased Taxes by $50,000

TBS Facility Services Group LLC earned over $12 million dollars since inception and there was a tax debt of over $120,000 which the CEO was unable to pay.

The $1M IRS Audit

I had a client come to me who was being audited by IRS. They owned several properties and a non-real estate business.

Financially Struggling to Building Wealth

10 years ago, a couple owned a business and rental properties generating over $1M in income. However, there reserves were non-existent.

Saved Client Over $13,000

We filed an amended tax return. Eight months later, “Theresa” received a check for $13,000 for the monies that IRS intercepted from other tax years’ refunds.

Misfiling of Business Entity Type & Accounting Error

New business owner was referred for CPA services. They owned an S Corporation and was working with an accounting service company to do their bookkeeping.

Projections on Business Acquisition

Business client with a net worth of over $11M required personal financial statements to be completed in order to obtain financing to purchase an agency.

Corrected Inaccurate Tax Liability of $200K

A client was referred to assist with IRS representation due to a large tax bill where they owed IRS over $170,000 and state $50,000.

Real Estate Investing Firm Structuring

Old client reached out to us for advisory services regarding starting a new joint real estate venture.

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