Case Study: Saved Client Over $13,000

Saved Client Over $13,000

“Theresa” was a realtor who had not filed taxes in 4 years because of an outstanding tax issue with IRS from 2013. IRS assessed $13,000 for 2013. She stopped filing after 2014 due to this issue. She spent countless hours and time trying to resolve the matter with IRS but had no luck. Theresa stopped pursuing the matter for a couple of years. She was finally referred by another realtor to our firm. She reached out for our guidance and assistance to resolve her unfiled tax returns and 2013 tax bill.


We filed all the outstanding tax returns for tax years 2015-2018. She was due a refund on all the tax years prepared.

We reviewed 2013 transcripts and IRS correspondence and determined that the return was incorrectly filed. We filed an amended tax return. Eight months later, “Theresa” received a check for $13,000 for the monies that IRS intercepted from other tax years’ refunds.

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