Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently opened during normal business hours. We have in-person, video, and phone conferencing whichever you prefer. Our office is supplied with PPE to keep everyone protected. We require all clients to wear face masks at all times in the office.
Under IRS regulations, they require to file the last six years of taxes. However, in some cases, it is necessary to go back even earlier to file taxes. During your FREE consultation this will be one of the items that is addressed.
Awesome! Just click here to complete a few questions. You can also give our office a call at (240) 764-5293 or text us at (301) 658-6999.
We primarily serve individuals and businesses that have complex tax returns or dealing with a tax situation. We also work with small business owners with less than $5 million in annual revenues in offering our Small Business Accounting & Consulting service. We occasionally have new business owners seeking incorporation or consulting services.
Absolutely! We service clients nationwide. Our CPA is licensed to practice in all 50 states and abroad. We service clients internationally as well.
Depending on the service(s) you require, we will inform you on what to bring when you request your consultation. For virtual meetings, you have the option of e-mailing us the requested documents or uploading it a secure client portal that we will provide prior to our meeting.
Depending on the services you require and our current client work demand. During your free consultation we go over timing and turnaround time for each service required.
Our price varies and depends on the service(s) needed. During your free initial consultation we will provide you with approximate cost based on the service(s) required. For business consultations, we charge a minimum of $375 an hour.
You are welcome to pay by clicking here.
Once you have engaged our services, we will begin working on matter(s). You will be updated typically within the first few weeks if it relates to tax resolution. You will be contacted within two weeks if it relates to the Small Business Accounting & Consulting service. And for tax preparation, we typically contact you once the draft of your return is ready or if we require any missing documentation.
We are located at 9470 Annapolis Road #108, in Lanham, MD 20706. Our office number is (240) 764-5293 and our fax number is (240) 387-6125. Our website is and our e-mail address is [email protected].
Our regular office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. During tax season, we have longer hours. Our tax season hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday by appointment.
We normally don’t have weekend appointments except during tax season but we can make a special Saturday appointment for you, if necessary. We do that for our clients from time to time.
Please feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment at (240) 764-5293. If you prefer, you may complete the online Appointment Request Form on our Appointments webpage. Once received, we will call you to confirm your scheduled appointment.
When you arrive, you will meet with one of our experienced professionals to discuss your specific needs and what services would best help you and your business.
We work with various types of companies ranging from new start ups to companies that have been in existence for 30 years or more. We specialize in providing accounting, payroll, and tax services for different industries including retail, real estate, information technology, healthcare, childcare, nonprofits, government contractors, and professional service companies (such as law firms, staffing agencies, title companies, etc). We work with clients whose revenues range from startup to $5M a year.
AGA Group is a local tax and accounting firm. We specialize in working with business owners and company financial officers to provide bookkeeping, tax planning, business consulting, payroll, and CPA services. We also assist clients with IRS Audit Representation.
Our professionals include CPAs, accountants that hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees, 5+years experience in accounting with a Certification in QuickBooks, or an accreditation from an accounting school. For more information please view the Who We Are section.
Sure, the owners are experienced professionals with CPA’s, Master’s, or more than 10+ years of service in working with businesses in managing their accounting, handling their tax preparation, and strategic business planning.
Our owners and staff have developed an extensive expertise in business management. Working with some well-known organizations such as Clark Construction, Lerner Corporation, and Marriott qualify our team to handle complex and extensive business services for financial needs. Also AGA Group's owners have spent years working with the US Small Business Administration. The owners have a diversified background and work to create value with each business that we service. Our individual tax services are always a wonderful one-on-one experience that develops strong client relationships. Being able to work one-on-one with our staff ensures the best quality and satisfaction. For more information, please see this section.
We are committed to staying within your allotted budget you are never surprised by a huge, unexpected bill. Our fee depends on the level of activity or the complexity of services needed. We prefer to meet with you, go over the services you require and the amount of activity you have, and then give you a written proposal with a custom-designed accounting solution and fee specifically for you. Our ability to offer bundled service packages tailored to your overall needs helps to decrease per service fees.
Not really. To hire an in-house bookkeeper, first you must find the right person, check their credentials, negotiate a salary, hire, train and manage them. That can be very expensive both in time and money for a business owner. You must also provide office space, a desk, a computer, and software for them to use. You incur payroll tax expenses, vacation and sick time, and the cost of other benefits for that employee. If the person you hire is part-time, you must manage their hours and will only have access to them when they are at work. If they go on vacation, get sick, or leave your employ, you may have a large gap in your accounting and payroll. In some cases, there can be security concerns when only one person has access to all your business financial information, data, bank accounts, statements, and checks.
Our clients find that our affordable and efficient accounting services, combined with the continuity, security, and reliability of working with an outsourced accounting solution, are a far better value than hiring an in-house person.
Sure, we work with you to handle all of your accounting including entering bookkeeping activity, tracking accounts receivable & accounts payable, bank reconciliations, and quarterly financial statement preparation. We will enter your activity on either a weekly or monthly basis and meet with you quarterly to discuss ideas to minimize costs, increase profits, and decrease taxes. We will inform you during the meeting of any new tax updates that will be useful for you and your business. You will also receive a free business assessment which is a detailed report that analyzes your company specifically and compares it to the industry average. The report will highlight your areas of strength and areas of improvements.
Our process begins with setting an appointment to meet with you and go over your accounting needs, and provide you with a written proposal. Then we will schedule a new client orientation. During this time we will go over the procedure of handling your accounting activity, gather your information, and sign your accounting service agreement. Typically, we are able to start services within 7 days from the time the proposal is provided. For more information, see our Bookkeeping and Accounting section.
Sure, we offer tax preparation for corporate and personal taxes. Corporate returns include partnerships, LLCs, S-Corporation, and C-Corporations. We also prepare your business personal property tax returns. If you are self-employed, we can prepare your quarterly tax estimates for Federal and State.
We have the experience to work with all types of tax engagements - whether someone hasn’t filed in many years, owes back taxes and wants to try and reduce their liability, or required to file multiple state tax returns.
We also offer tax planning meetings during the middle of the year and last quarter of year to go over current income activity and project what your tax liability will be. For more information, see our Personal and Business Tax section.
AGA Group can provide you with a free secured Client Portal which allows you to upload your financial data by scanning and downloading financial reports, which you may access through our website. It works like an e-mail. When upload a document, it's like attaching a document to an e-mail. It's really easy to use!
The information we will need during the initial meeting are listed below.
  • General Business Information- Name, Type of Business, Business Length and Size, State of Incorporation, etc.
  • Last 2 years of tax returns
  • Accounting System Files
  • Incorporation Documents
Personal information for each family member:
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Card /ITIN/ATIN
  • Last 3 Years Tax Return
  • Valid Driver's License

Income and tax information:

  • W-2's
  • Interest (1099-INT or substitute)
  • Dividend Slips (1099-DIV or substitute)
  • Stock Sales (1099-B or Broker Statement)
  • Self-Employment Income and Expenses
  • Sale of a Personal Residence
  • Rental Income and Expenses
  • Sale of any Business Assets
  • Gambling or Lottery Winnings
  • Gambling or Lottery Winnings
  • State Income Tax Refund
  • Pension Income (1099-R)
  • Estimated Taxes Paid
  • Social Security or Railroad Retirement
  • IRA or 401(k) Distribution
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Miscellaneous Income (1099-MISC)


  • Medical Expenses
  • Real Estate or Personal Property Taxes
  • Mortgage Interest (Form 1098 Mortgage Interest Statement)
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Employee Business Expenses
  • Gambling Losses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Traditional IRA Contributions
  • Higher Education Expenses
  • Educator Expenses
  • Student Loan Interest

Tax credits:

  • Child Care Provider/Address
  • Child Care Provider Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Adoption Expenses
  • Retirement Savings Contributions
Yes, we do. AGA Group prepares tax returns for all states in the U.S. that impose an income tax and offers e-filing for refunds directly sent to the customer's bank account.
Your employer should mail your W-2 Form to you by January 31.
Please contact us with any other questions you may have: (240) 764-5293.